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Bond Cleaning South Brisbane

In order to honour the service agreement or the bond agreement, a bond cleaning has to be undertaken when you are moving out. This goes by other names like end of lease cleaning, move in or move out cleaning and vacate cleaning.

If you want the bond amount back intact, then a detailed and thorough bond cleaning has to be undertaken. And this is best handled by professional cleaning services like us- Brisbane Amazing Cleaners. As professional bond cleaners, and since this is one of our forte, we do have a process that we follow when it comes to bond cleaning.

And most of all, if you engage us for the bond cleaning you will definitely get your bond amount back. That is a service guarantee we give you. As part of bond cleaning, carpet cleaning is also undertaken.

Bond cleaning is essential to get the bond money back and meet the requirements of the bond agreement. We understand the expectations of landlords and real estate agents in Brisbane and provide the necessary cleaning. We cover every aspect of your home, cleaning every surface & corner, wiping the windows and doors and scrubbing and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Our bond cleaners carry the tools and cleaning agents to offer pristinely cleaned homes. With eco-friendly cleaning agents, we ensure that all surfaces retain the color and avoid discoloration. We guarantee superior bond cleaning services.

All our bond cleaners are exceptionally trained and licensed. They have the knowhow to deep clean the house and make your house free from dust and dirt and be ready for inspection and be eligible to get the refund money.

Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Owing to usage, foot traffic, dust and dirt build-up, pet fur, food spills, stains and grime, the carpets in your home will definitely bear the brunt of all this and wear a very worn-out and dirty look. And this pretty much affects the overall aura and aesthetics of your home. That is why it is important to get a professional carpet cleaning when bond cleaning is carried out.

It can be regular carpet cleaning or steam cleaning. Steam cleaning will not only dredge out the dirt and dust, but even stains will be cleared and your carpets will look fresh, smell good and will bring back the lost appeal of your home.

As part of the bond cleaning, the services undertaken include:

  • Cleaning of the bathrooms includes cleaning shower screens, or shower cubicles, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, tiles, flooring, cupboards, exhaust fans and more.
  • Clean the kitchen and this includes cleaning the oven, range hood, cabinets, the splashback, the dishwasher, tiles, flooring and more.
  • We also clean the walls, doors, wardrobes, shelves, windows, window tracks, floors, blinds,and cleaning regular sized patios.
  • We clean the light fittings, ceiling fans and air conditioning units.
  • The carpets are cleaned or steam cleaned.

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